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You are charged with the efficiency and comfort in your workspace - offices, boardrooms, warehouse, mall shopping space, factory. With rising temperatures this is fast becoming an issue that contributes to staff wellbeing - and the resultant higher productivity.

Full function air-conditioning systems for computer and server rooms ensure the correct operation of your servers, blade servers and computer rooms systems. Clean rooms, environmental chambers and process areas keeping within your required specifications.

Air Conditioning roof ducting

Installed ducting

Creating the ideal working environment positively impacts on customers, employees and therefore your bottom line. Happy employees, more production, greater profits. One aspect of this is a workspace in which to produce such results. Air conditioned workspaces contribute to wellbeing, less absenteeism.

Putting this together for the company can be a daunting task. There is much responsibility on correct spend and investment in the right equipment. We are here to guide you through this process by evaluating your space cooling requirements, eco footprint and budgets.

Air Conditioning being installed

Interior ducting work

The Right Industrial Air Conditioner
for Your Requirements

Chiller & AirCon offers a comprehensive service of Consulting & Design - where putting our minds together we tailor the ideal air conditioning unit that addresses your immediate and future needs, that sees a greener footprint, lower running costs and offers greater ROI.

Extended guarantees are available - by coupling the appropriate CAREL programmable controls to your equipment so that greater efficiency and lower running costs are achieved - from 12 Months to 36 Months.

Industrial air conditioning services & repairs

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Need dependable support and backup at your plant? Then we are the right people to talk to. Obligation FREE consultation.

It is bound to happen at some point and when it does you need to count on the technical expertise and workmanship needed to get you back in the game fastest. This is what we do. Outside of a standard SLA (Service Level Agreement) we look after equipment with OEM parts and spares and will get you operational in the shortest span of time.

When it matters most, experience and professional workmanship can make the difference. It may not be immediately evident, but in the time of a crisis, only the best will do. Speedy response, expert workmanship, OEM parts, high work ethic = confidence and reliability.

Upgrade or Replace Your Industrial Air Conditioning

Providing the World's Leading Chiller Brands

Chiller & AirCon supply and fully support the following brands, to name a few:

  • Carrier Chillers
  • Trane Chillers
  • Copeland Chillers
  • Xuemei Chillers
  • Bock Chillers
  • Bitzer Chillers
  • BlueBox Chillers
  • RefComp Chillers
  • Dorin Chillers
  • CIAT Chillers
  • Daiken Chillers

When it comes to quality, there is no compromise.

Chiller supplier of world leading brand names

Professional installations – workmanship guaranteed

SLAs – maintenance is your peace of mind

Talk to us first! With the ability to design into your exact needs and cater for the future our team will give you the right equipment backed by a Service Level Agreement that stands by you giving you peace of mind that should anything falter your are covered. This is the most ideal way to run and operate a chiller or industrial aircon system.

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