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Renting your industrial equipment or machinery trumps owning or leasing-to-own. It's savvy business. Renting means you get peak performance and attention, always - and the tax write-off is yours.

Factoring in your specific needs, through consultation, you get honest advice from another successful business entrepreneur on how to leverage finance and cashflow to get the balance right. For you.

Get more business savvy and optimise your asset utilization for maximum potential. Our Top 5 reasons for Renting Your Assets:

  • Save working capital: Preserve your working capital without needing a large cash outlay for key assets and focus rather on your core business ​
  • Return on net assets: Enhance your balance sheet and income statement with a better return on net assets
  • Obsolescence hedge: Manage the life cycle of your business assets through cost-effective rental finance
  • Flexibility: Enjoy flexible finance terms and structure repayments according to your business needs
  • Profitability: Reduce your debt exposure and enjoy tax advantages, using off balance sheet financing to enhance your business profits

There’s generally no upfront capital expenditure or outlay so our customers working capital remains untouched and can be invested into other growth areas for the business. Rentals are a tax deductible operating expense, they are off balance sheet, and no capex approval is required

As rentals are totally off-balance sheet – your equity, current returns on assets ratios are improved and unlike a lease do not need to be capitalized.

Asset and Equipment Rental Finance

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