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HVAC Service Level Agreement

With decades of experience, the right equipment, expertise and OEM parts we manage & maintain your chiller or HVAC&R system to run at peak performance and efficiency! That is our commitment to you. Once we make the undertaking we align all the necessary - parts, consumables and technicians.

With a competent HVAC&R Maintenance Agreement in place you increase the lifespan, efficiency and ROI of your equipment. The key is preventative maintenance. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime. Its your peace of mind.

Corrective | Preventative | Predictive

Chiller maintenance and temperature control system maintenance is a cost effective and time-proven way of maximising productivity and limiting costly production downtime when carried out on a planned, regular basis.

The key to the success of SLAs is the planned and regular services by Chiller & AirCon, working with OEM parts, skilled workmanship that ensures continued efficiency of your chiller. And CAS takes responsibility to ensure that there is no unexpected down time, like when an emergency strikes and nothing can be done about it, you have to wait for the technician and parts to repair on site (if possible).

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Planned preventative maintenance forms an essential part of modern day business and manufacturing, particularly when considering methods of production that require continuous operation and working in adherence to time-sensitive deadlines. It offers predictability.

There is much to be said of planning and foresight, especially when it comes to critical operations.

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